Reputation Measurement and Reputation Metrics: How to Get Started

April 17, 2021

Key Metrics for Measuring Online Reputation

Is your business or brand well-known online? How do people look at and feel about you, and what do they think about when they come across your products or services online? What kind of content appears on search engine results pages, review sites and social networks whenever your business or brand name is being searched? Is the content positive, neutral, or negative?

These are some of the questions that you must ask – and be able to answer – when you wish to successfully manage your online reputation. Ideally, an agency or a team of professionals will guide you throughout the process. And you can expect them to utilize a number of cutting-edge tools and techniques to make sure that your image – your reputation – on the Internet is as good as it gets.

To start with, however, it’s great to have an idea of how exactly one measures online reputation. That’s why we came up with this list of key metrics that you might want to look out for and monitor as you work towards establishing and enhancing your presence on the Web.

Google PageRank

PageRank is search engine giant Google’s link analysis algorithm, used to assign a numerical weighting for measuring the “relative importance” of your Web page or website. PageRank has always been an important metric for SEO professionals, but if you’re keen on managing your online reputation, you might want to check out your PageRank, too. ( is one of many free easy-to-use tools.)

That’s because PageRank gives an indication of how many of your inbound links originate from authority sites – which means, basically, that the more respected, popular, trustworthy, and authoritative your business or brand is, the higher your PageRank becomes. Of course, this isn’t the only metric for measuring your online reputation, but it’s important to find out where you are in the PageRank scale of 1 to 10 – and, from there, figure out ways to improve.

Bookmarks and RSS feeds

Like PageRank, bookmarks can serve as a good indicator of how many people trust your brand or business. After all, Internet users do tend to bookmark a page or website if they find it useful, or if they think it has something worthwhile to make them keep visiting.

The same goes with RSS feeds, wherein people choose to subscribe to your updates and your content. Few – if any –

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