How a Customer Feedback System Helps Your Company Grow

April 18, 2021

Customer feedback systems and software products are quickly becoming a must-have for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

And for good reason: if you’re hoping to deliver customer experiences that delight in ways that make a positive impact on the bottom line, you must be able to effectively manage customer feedback.

Defining customer feedback

Using a traditional definition, customer feedback is any information that comes directly from your company’s customers. This information can convey these customers’ thoughts, feelings, satisfaction levels, or opinions about your product, service, or brand.

Technology has expanded the ways in which feedback is generated, captured, and collected. Now, customers can share their feedback using various platforms and channels, such as:

Online reviews and ratingsSocial media commentsCustomer satisfaction surveysEmails and phone callsComment cardsFocus group discussionsCustomer interviews and roundtablesUsability tests

Customer Feedback System

A customer feedback system — which these days usually takes the form of a software product or application — helps business organizations manage what customers are saying on multiple feedback platforms and channels, as well as gain valuable data-driven insights essential to improving overall customer experience.

Customer feedback software can also helps organizations, from the C-suite to frontline employees, understand their customers better and therefore more easily measure (and improve) customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What a customer feedback system does

While products vary, there are several key features that can be found in most of today’s customer feedback software applications or systems.

Social media listening and feedback monitoring and response. Customers often share their feedback even if the business hasn’t asked for it.

That’s why a number of customer feedback systems make the ability to monitor online reviews, social media comments, star ratings, and other forms of third-party feedback a key functional component. Some systems also provide its business customers the ability to respond to internal and external feedback.  

Text analytics and sentiment analysis. Beyond data collection, customer feedback software can also offer analysis of feedback data through the use of sentiment analysis and text analytics. It can bring customer feedback to life by

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