Bank Customer Acquisition: 6 Proven Tactics You Can Implement Right Now

April 20, 2021

Customer Acquisition in Banking 2

Customer Acquisition: Banking Strategies

The ways that customers shop for banks and financial services providers have changed. So, therefore, have the methods and strategies for customer acquisition in banking.

What does it take to acquire and keep new banking customers? How can companies achieve a better understanding of consumers’ new path to purchase? And what can banks and financial marketers do to influence the decision-making process?

Read on as we share cost-effective strategies for customer acquisition in banking.

6 Banking Customer Acquisition Strategies

Increase your visibility on social media

Today’s banking consumers typically begin their investigation online. But it won’t take much time for them to make a decision. According to a local search study, 53 percent of users typically visit a business within 48 hours of search.

If you can build a high-quality social media presence, your bank can achieve greater visibility in the eyes of those searching for new institutions and providers.

Post regularly on your social media profiles. Respond to customer questions and inquiries. Share high-quality content about what’s happening in the industry: trends, security practices, investment opportunities, etc. Add an appointment booking option or link to your digital application forms on your Facebook business Page and Instagram bio. And, if possible, integrate your social media efforts with your customer relationship management application or software.   

A strong social media presence can boost your banking customer acquisition strategy by simplifying access for potential banking customers and making it easy for current customers to encourage referrals to your business.

Not quite sure how to work on social? Check out these social media marketing strategies that drive real results for businesses.

Become a master at managing online reviews

Online customer reviews can impact your search engine performance, affect your brand reputation, and determine your ability to win new customers.

According to finance industry research, online reviews are five times more influential than TV advertisements and

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